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Our IT Secret That Will Transform Your Next Potential Data DISASTER Into Just A Minor Inconvenience!

A premium performance, data protection & recovery system is really very simple for your organization to attain and only requires two important pieces:

  1. The Right KIND of Data Backup/Recovery Architecture
  2. The Right IT Service Company To Properly Setup, Monitor & Maintain It!

Unfortunately, most IT service companies get it wrong on both counts...and many organizations like yours don't realize how much better they can really protect against potential data disasters and losses.

Business Continuity vs Backup

Let's start with the term: Business Continuity. As you'll soon learn from our primer on the subject—yours for the asking from the Request form on this page—"data backup" is just one component of what your organization really needs to survive mishaps in a digital world. In a sense, the continuous, smooth, and efficient operation of your business depends on continuous, smooth, and efficient access to and availability of your business data. (This includes Application and Operating System Software running on your system as well!) Permanent loss of enough data could result in anything from a costly business setback to forever "closing your doors"! Basic "data backup"—when implemented well—should prevent that latter worst case scenario, but that's about all.

Thankfully, horrendous disasters tend to be few and far between. As we describe in our primer, the biggest threat to the continuous availability and access to your data is not a burned down building or even a tornado or flood; it's the gradual eating away of your organization's efficiency and operation by many smaller events over time such as hardware drives gone bad and accidental deletions of data by personnel. When any of these events—from disaster to Delete button—occur, it's not just about how much data is saved, but about how quickly you can retrieve it and get your business back into high gear.

These are the factors that truly align with savvy handling of business data.
These Are The Goals Of Business Continuity!

The Right Architecture

Now you see the first issue: all you've probably ever asked for and expected from IT was a "data backup solution"...and that's probably all that you got. However, the "right architecture" addresses all aspects of Business Continuity:

As you will learn from our primer, not all backup solutions are created equal. Pure "Cloud" solutions carry issues of retrieval and concerns of security; direct "hard backup" can leave you unprotected from the very worst (and, as it turns out, most prevalent) data loss scenarios. Some may protect your "data" but not Application Software or the server Operating Systems—leaving you just as "dead in the water". Did you even know that you should be able to get back to work using your data/software before it's restored to the server—even before the nature of the disruption is understood?

In order to address ALL of the goals of Business Continuity, you need an architecture that addresses ALL of the shortcomings of traditional solutions.

The Right Services Company

But having the right system architecture only provides the potential for minimizing disruption and optimizing continuity. To best address the goals set out above, it should be clear that each organization will require customized settings to optimally benefit from the right system. To take an extreme example, you could have a backup performed every 15 minutes (thereby losing at most only 15 minutes worth of data), but a constant backup operation will likely mean unnecessarily slow daily operation. You would also pay a premium for a system capable of keeping up with such a pace. It would also be nearly impossible to "test" backup success ahead of time for that one backup you will ultimately need in an emergency. Just as extreme, a "once a week, 2am SUN morning" backup could leave you out of a full week's worth of business data!

What's the right answer? It depends literally on measuring lost productivity and lost data cost versus backup system costs. That answer will be different for each organization, so you need the "Right Services Company" that:

Those are the basics. Once the system is installed and set up, what then? The "Right Services Company" also has the right mindset (and processes) in place to:

The Right Architecture may detect data losses (or a backup interruption) before you do, but that is worthless in the hands of a Services Company that drags its feet in noticing AND informing you of the issue! That failing will equate to:

More lost data
More lost time in recovering backed up data

For your own peace of mind and your organization's welfare, do yourself a favor:
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